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Jellybot by iletgo
Iletgo Industries has been on serious hiatus. We still took orders for the candy girls, made and shipped them, but we went dark for a while.

But we're here today to unveil our latest creation, codenamed the "jellybot".
(HR has been busy taking applications for our marketing department, apply within)

An endoskeleton inside a gelatinous form, shown here in a clear outer shell. The endoskeleton does more than supply a chassis to the gel but also supplying power. The patented formula takes an electrical current and converts carbon dioxide and monoxide into fresh breathable oxygen! 
Originally developed as an active mannequin we cut those models out of circulation after stints of profanity and poorly programmed motor skills. We suspected an employee that was on the last day of his two weeks did it. So we recalled them all and instead re-purposed them for a new role, full body prosthetics!

We held an open study group and rounded up people crippled with disorders, damaged by trauma, and gave them back the freedom they lost or never had. The model is my own personal body (more details later) without the outer shell.

The shell itself is not actually the kind you may be thinking of. The clear gel you see here is default, but due to its nature and chemistry it can't hold itself together well. Like supercooled syrup. The shell is a custom colored and shaped "skin" that holds the unit together, yet is porous enough for air to get in and out of.

More info coming soon!
3d true perspective test by iletgo
3d true perspective test
Instead of parenting two cameras to one main, I placed a cam in each of the eyes to capture the effect of true perspective.

But once you get one cam placed and parented in an eye, just copy the settings and apply them to the other "cam-eye". Make sure there is no rotation on any of the axises. Then just add or remove a "-" in the X translation and boom, true perspective. May have to mess with the focal length to allow more or less eye zoom to get past the ever intrusive eyelids.
Viscera 2014: calm by iletgo
Viscera 2014: calm
Had this done ago, but I'm none too pleased with the result. But I put it up in hops of getting feedback from my one or two followers.
Viscera 2014: Rage form by iletgo
Viscera 2014: Rage form
The spidey-verse is copyright of marvel, venom is copyright marvel/todd farlane...yadda yadda yadda.

The last time I made this character and concept, I was testing the grounds and seeing what I could do. Now there's better shaders available to me and texturing is improving.

When Lauren Cassidy was consumed by Venom, her body was absorbed by carnage out of fury for his daughter being taken. He used her body to fuel his escape the towering black behemoth, yet Lauren's mind, memories, and personality survived somewhere. When her fathers separated, she grew from a single drop of the alien organism.

Here is Viscera in her pure rage form. Less goes into maintaining her sleek, female form and all of the hatred, fury, and madness in the universe manifests itself into a physical form.
I have issues with people carpet bombing my gallery with faves and never adding a single comment. Comments give me feedback and make me feel better about what I do! So, please rave before you fave.
Gotta hashtag that!

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Xoe Morgan Paige
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I am an electronic enigma wrapped in circuits, wires, traces, and flesh.

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Actually follwed you from the Daz forums while trying to figure out what the hell push modifier does.
SnowSultan Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Digital Artist
Heh, I don't quite remember what it does myself...doesn't it expand a mesh slightly so you can fit a coat over a shirt, something like that?
iletgo Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I...don't know but now I'm gonna try it! You beautiful individual! Still trying to get mcteleblender to work right so I can test out blender's render engine.
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iletgo Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

No problem!

Love krona by the way, she was the first anime character to genuinely make me cry in forever.

SakiCakes Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
haha yeah Crona does have that tendency to do that to people, hoe ever i think Crona is a guy'll see a lot of male crona going on XD 
iletgo Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Originally in the manga, Crona was a girl. But when they worked on the American anime they changed her to a male probably of how abusive Ragnarok is and Americans would frown on female neglect.
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SzarySmok Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Nice gallery:)
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